BOSS 101

Create, manage and liquidate bond instruments online. A fully digital blockchain solution eliminates counterparty delays and provides instant settlement.

Invoice Factoring

The TradeFinex Invoice Factoring Platform equips participants with an alternative financial marketplace that operates in a fully transparent environment.

R3 Corda Bridge

Connect to the R3-Corda Private State to Blockchain. Mitigate counterparty risk by making your financial instruments interoperable and liquid. (Coming Soon)

TradeFinex Round Table Series Consortium Event

This Roundtable Event places the Trade and Finance Stakeholder and Infrastructure Financier on one stage to address the increasing global trade gap as well as the Infrastructure deficit while discussing the promises of blockchain.


Below here are a few brief videos which you may find helpful:

Presenting TradeFInex BOSS 101

Presenting TradeFInex Invoice Factoring manually

Presenting TradeFInex Invoice Factoring Quickbooks

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