Hybrid Distributed Ledger Solution

Fully digital access to origination, distribution, Custody and settlement of Trade Finance assets powered by XDC Protocol.

XDC Protocol as a Hybrid (Public+Private) Distributed Ledger Solution


  • Showcase trade finance assets as an emerging asset class to funds, investors
  • Generate trading fees, arbitrage fees from every trade
  • Seamlessly connect buyers, sellers and financiers through your own TradeFinex white label solution
  • Connect to greater ecosystem of financial institutions and generate trading fees from secondary market distribution of trade finance assets to other financial institutions and their investors
  • Offer part financing of instruments or bundle the smaller instruments into bigger chunk for bulk distribution


  • Prevent Frauds through transparency
  • Decentralised Network to avoid Single point of failure risk
  • Interoperability with major systems
  • Prevent Double Spending/Double Entry