Private Distributed Ledger Solution

TradeFinex lets you access a wide range of alternative assets on a decentralised cloud node.

Private Distributed Ledger Solution

XDC Protocol is a common standard digitization protocol for Trade Finance securitization that is governed by the masternodes of XinFin Network.


  • Enables securitization of receivables, letter of credits, trade finance instruments through tokenization
  • Enables linking deep tier financing for SMEs of big buyers
  • Enables batching together smaller sized receivables into bulk instrument
  • Enables dividing bigger chunk instruments into smaller fractions of instruments for smaller ticket buyers
  • Enables Peer to peer custody and settlement of Trade Finance securization assets between financial institutions
  • Mitigates counterparty risk with instant settlement
  • Prevents fraud by
    • Providing transparency on underlying instrument
    • Preventing double financing of same instrument
  • Enables very liquid secondary market infrastructure for an ecosystem for buyers, suppliers and financial institutions
  • XDC as a settlement Solution, Fraud prevention protocol, counterparty risk mitigation mechanism and XDC as an asset for trust network with financial institutions, buyers and suppliers

XDC Protocol for Trade Finance