Invoice Digitization

Factoring Your Unpaid Invoices Becomes Easy, Transparent and Secure Using Blockchain Technology.

Get More Financing Options to Your Unpaid Invoice!

Leverage the power of blockchain and make your financial instruments liquid and interoperable.

  • Built on ISO20022 standard

    Invoice Factoring is built on ISO 20022 Standard, the interoperable messaging standard for the private and hybrid state.

  • Easy and Fast Integration Using API

    Easy integration with a click. Easy plugin available for QuickBooks users.

  • Leverage USD 5 Trillion Annual Market

    Connect to your financier in a whole new way. Get access to more financing options.

  • Leverage the Power of Smart Contract

    Automate repayment and settlement cycle using the power of blockchain.

How does it work?

Invoice Factoring is an accepted form of working capital management solution. It does so by converting your unpaid invoices to cash. Invoice Factoring allows companies to instantly receive cash and helps customers live by friendly payment terms. Besides, it also allows investors (the factor) to earn some profits in terms of fees.

  • InFactor is a platform for factoring Trade Instruments, mainly invoices.
  • Built-in XDC Wallet and smart contracts make invoice factoring easier, transparent, and secure.

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Connect to financiers in a whole new, effective and efficient way.