Below are a few brief videos which you may find helpful.


TradeFinex 2020 - Abu Dhabi Part 1 | RegLab Explained by Mr. Bhaskar Dasgupta

TradeFinex 2020 - Abu Dhabi Part 2 - TradeFinex Explained by Mr. Ritesh Kakkad and Mr. Atul Khekade

TradeFinex 2020 - Abu Dhabi Part 3 - Working of Fineon Exchange by Mr. Michel Kilzi

TradeFinex 2020 - Abu Dhabi Part 4 - XinFin Partner with announced

Apply for Trade Finance Funding on TradeFinex Network

Become an Financier on TradeFinex Network | Explained

Banking for the Unbanked - Leveraging XinFin Blockchain towards addressing economic disparity

TradeFinex Case Study - Financing of solar plant using XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and IoT

Presenting TradeFinex BOSS 101

Presenting TradeFinex Invoice Factoring manually

Presenting TradeFinex Invoice Factoring Quickbooks

Presenting TradeFInex and Consortium introduction at "Blockchain for Finance Conference 2018" Boston

TradeFinex platform Demonstration