XDC Liquidity

Explore XDC as a Protocol for Instant Global Settlement and Counterparty Risk Mitigation for Trade Finance.

XDC Liquidity for Trade Finance

XDC Protocol is a common standard digitization protocol for Trade Finance securitization.


  • Prevent fraud through transparency.
  • Immediate counter-party risk mitigation.
    • Trade securitization assets are held in central custody and settled via correspondent banking channels.
    • The risk of central failures in global trade is increasing due to trade wars, political issues (e.g. the U.S., China, Hong Kong, etc).
    • XDC Protocol allows you to hold securitized Trade Finance assets or negotiable instruments in a fully tokenized digital form in your custody. They can then be transferred between financial institutions on a peer to peer network without any risk of a centralized failure.
    • The tokenized assets can be settled with digital fiat cash of choice (USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, GBP, SGD, HKD and many more…) issued on XinFin Network or digital asset of the XinFin Network “XDC” nodes on cloud or even a personal or company computer.
  • Interoperability with major systems
  • Part of ITFA, BAFT, ICC Fintech community (Proposed)
  • Whitelisted by regulators for Trade Finance Digitization, Tokenisation and settlement
    • ADGM
    • Qatar (In Process)
    • Japan (In Process)
    • Singapore (In Process)
    • Hong Kong (In Process)

XDC Liquidity for Trade Finance

  • Background
  • XDC, Digital Asset on XinFin Network (stands for XinFin Digital Contract)
    • XDC has demonstrated the ability to be a liquid asset against multiple fiat currencies across different jurisdictions.
    • Liquidity against fiat currencies enables instant settlement and mitigates counterparty risk.
    • XDC was the second most liquid Digital Asset against Indonesian FX markets for IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
    • XDC was the most liquid asset on IDEX [A Decentralised exchange connected to Coinbase, US based regulated digital asset exchange.]
  • XDC is building its liquidity against
    • USD
    • GBP
    • JPY
    • AED
  • This will enable buyers, suppliers or financiers in instant mitigation of counterparty risk by settling directly in XDC or any fiat currency through XDC.