BOSS 101

Create, Manage and Liquidate Bond Instruments On Blockchain.

Creating Global Bond Standard

Connecting the Traditional Bond Market with BOSS 101 Standard.

  • Avoid Risks of Single-Point Failure

    Bunk the fear of a single point of failure as blockchains don’t have one.

  • Faster and more Transparent

    Blockchain technology makes processes transparent and secure.

  • Efficient Process and Automation

    Enabling automatic and efficient bond settlement.

  • Leverage the Power of Smart Contract

    Automate transfer and settlement cycle using the power of blockchain.

Create, Manage and Liquidate Bonds Instrument Online

A fully blockchain-based digital solution eliminates counter-party delays and allows instant settlement.

  • BOSS 101 platform for Broker-dealer and license entity.
  • Digital platforms enhance secondary market liquidity.

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Create, Manage and Liquidate Bonds Instrument Online.