R3 Corda Bridge

Mitigate Counter - Party Risk By Making Your Financial Instruments Interoperable & Liquid

Connect R3 Corda Bridge State with Public Network

The Relayer Bridge deploys Corda Smart Contract State to XinFin Network Smart Contract State. (Coming Soon)

  • Avoid risk of single point failure

    Blockchains don't have a single point of failure.

  • Easy and fast Integration using API

    Easy Integration with a Click. Easy plugin available for R3 Corda user.

  • Efficient Process and Automation

    Enabling automatic and efficient settlement using smart contracts.

  • Leverage the Power of Smart Contract

    Automate transfer and settlement cycle using power of blockchain.

R3 Corda-XinFin Bridge connectivity

The Relayer Bridge deploys Corda Smart Contract State onto XinFin Network Smart Contract State (ContractInstance)

  • Atomic Swap (Include Hash of the transaction)
  • Built-in XDC Wallet and smart contracts make the transaction easier, transparent, and secure.