Consortium Membership

Participate, co-develop and reap the benefits of the TradeFinex Membership

Let's start the journey together

You can participate in this consortium by joining as either a founding member or an extended member of the consortium. As a member, you will be part of the ecosystem and will contribute to the evolution of the TradeFinex platform. Your contribution in terms of best practices, driving the standardization and working with regulators will help you to influence the future of the industry. Consortium-Led governance makes the platform truly decentralized which is in sync with the core philosophy of blockchain.

Participate, co-develop and reap the benefits of the TradeFinex Membership.

What includes?

Enterprise Application blockchain Build on XinFin

  • Live public Network
  • Your own private Network with Java Client
  • KYC enforced nodes
  • Access to TradeFinex roundtable with 30+ regulators
  • Exchange listings with regulated exchanges
  • Middleware bridge to ERP, Open Banking (Oracle, Finastra), R3


A forum made up of individuals, companies, organizations and governments to contribute towards the evolution of cross border trade and finance practice (using innovative technology) under regulatory framework.

Our community includes Custodians, Banks, Broker/Dealers, Corporates, Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Remittance Companies, Government Bodies, Securities Board and Global Infrastructure Fund.

Consortium is managed and governed by the Members only, However, the entire programme will be administered, monitored and maintained by TradeFinex Tech Pvt Ltd.

Most of the information is available on TradeFinex website but if you still have any questions, please feel free to Contact us