Global Finance


Global Finance

Finance is central to economic development and well-being of any household or country or the world as a whole. Of the global financing needs today, infrastructure remains the most sizeable and critical financing need for both developed as well as developing economies. Infrastructure affects economic growth by boosting economic activity and productivity by means of reliable transport, real estate, electricity, water and telecoms infrastructure. Though central and pivotal to any country's socio-economic progress, infrastructure financing remains underserved and with less supply from the private sector.

Per Global infrastructure hub, by 2040, the global population will grow by almost 2 billion people - a 25% increase. To keep pace, the global infrastructure investment needs are forecasted to reach $94 trillion between 2016 and 2040, which is an average of $3.7 trillion per year. Based on current spending levels, the shortfall is more than $18 trillion which is around trillion dollar gap every year.

There is clearly a huge deficit in financing from public and more so, private institutions towards global infrastructure projects which results in tax burden on government and consequently on general public of any country. Inefficiencies in financing further adds to the cost of capital. Also, finance rates across globe varies a lot and accessibility of these centralised funds is not convenient due to intermediaries. The current financial ecosystem is not fully able to cater to this growing financing demand and it needs innovative ways to fill the growing deficit, especially in global infrastructure financing.

Responsible Finance Solutions

TradeFinex encourage responsible financing as it leads to sustainable society. Even our blockchain protocol uses permissioned consensus mechanism replacing wasteful energy intensive mining. By developing Infrastructure as Asset Class (IAC) we enable retail investor participation to reduce global infrastructure deficit.

Financiers can evaluate projects and execute escrow based smart contracts with global beneficiaries over secured Blockchain network. Blockchain tokenisation gives fractional ownership of assets to multiple investors. The disbursement of funds to beneficiary and repayment to investors are linked to smart contracts.


Finance workflow

Buyer raise trade query on

Buyers and Suppliers accept proposal

Buyer and Supplier wallet integration in smart contract

Supplier completes contractual milestones and submits to smart contract

Trade completion and closure of smart contract


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